Dance repertoire is the term used to describe any dance or part of a dance, that is taken outside of a famous ballet or contemporary dance piece

Drawing on some of the most famous and much-loved works from the classical ballet and contemporary dance repertoire, students can study choreography from famous ballets suce as Coppélia, Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake as well as Contemporay pieces from some world renowned choreographers. 

Our unique programme provides the opportunity for students of all ages and levels to develop their musicality, expressiveness and artistry, whilst learning more about ballet and contemporary dance’s choreography, stories and music.

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''The dance is strong magic. The dance is a spirit.

It turns the body to liquid steel. It makes it vibrate like a guitar

The body can fly without wings. It can sing without voice.

The dance is strong magic. The dance is life.''

Pearl Primus - American dancer, choreographer and anthropologist