SACE Dance

2020 SACE Enrolments 

While Terry Simpson Studios will still be running SACE 2 dance in 2020 for its existing SACE students, the SACE 1 Programme will be carried out in partnership with Adelaide High School.

We are, therefore, looking for expressions of interest from all Year 10/11 students who would like to study SACE Stage 1 Dance in 2020, asap or by 7 January 2020 at the latest.

If you would like to undertake this opportunity of doing SACE 1 Dance please email

Technique, Composition, Performance and Theory will be taught by the same Terry Simpson Studios' teachers for both Stage 1 and 2.

Student Achievement in SACE Dance (South Australian Certificate of Education) has been a continuous source of pride and reward for our School for over 15 years.

Many of School’s students have excelled with superb SACE 2 Dance academic results with some getting recognition by the Governor of South Australia at Parliament House for achieving perfect scores of 20.

The course components are broken down into individual classes providing a focused approach towards the work and give sufficient opportunity for each student to reach their full potential in this subject.

The theory section is taught in year level groups, with combined classes for technique, composition and performance and which include practical assessment in two annual performances: SACE Choreographic Workshop and SACE Performance Examination. 

Classes are held after school hours allowing students to complete this course in their own time and not interrupt their regular school lessons

Term reports are sent home to parents and to the Students’ respective schools.

SACE Stage 1 is delivered through the four components of Technique 25%, Composition 25%, Response 20% and Performance 30%,

SACE Stage 2 is delivered through the components of Skills Development 50% (which includes technique, choreography, and folio), Written Responses 20% and Performance Exam 30%.  

"Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.” Shah Asad Rizvi

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Trial Classes available on request