Beginner Ballet Classes

"It’s never too late to enjoy the beauty and fulfillment that is Classical Ballet"

Weekly beginner ballet classes are available at Terry Simpson Studios to get you started or to refresh your memory

If you’re starting over, learning for the first time, or an advanced dancer – you’re welcome at this class. 

Our beginners' ballet classes are expressive, insightful and passionate and with the help of our expert, patient and nurturing teachers, you will discover your true potential as a dancer.

Learn tips on technical alignment, improve your coordination, elongate your posture, strengthen your core and flexibility, and discover how to make beautiful positions gracefully, with elegance and poise, all whilst being encouraged to dance expressively.

You will be taking the class side by side other beginners who want to give it a go, so there is no need to be intimidated or feel out of place.

You will methodically learn the positions of the feet and arms, how to coordinate and combine them while being introduced to the vocabulary of ballet terms such as Plié, Tendu and Dégagé. 

More experienced students will benefit from this class as they reinforce their very first steps of ballet class at the barre.

Developing students' musicality and counting are also an important part of learning with us.

This is the class for you, whether you are a former dancer or dance student who misses moving to music, looking to regain that feeling of flexibility, strength and great posture, or you are a beginner looking to try something new and challenging

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