Senior School Students at Dress Rehearsal                                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Dimitra Villios


"My daughter was a student at Terry Simpson Studios from the age of 8-13, when she was accepted into the Australian Ballet School. She received exceptional training in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz and pas de deux from Miss Simpson and her amazing staff. She absolutely loved her time there. So much so in fact that we could hardly keep her away and used to joke that she would have slept at the studios if she could have!

Terry Simpson is one of the most inspirational and dedicated teachers I have ever met. She is highly skilled, kind, encouraging and passionate about what she does day in and day out and the kids love her.

She has created a sense of family where everyone is a valued member. It is a safe environment where kids can explore their creativity, learn the meaning of hard work, discipline, respect and of course courage and determination.

All good tools for life!

I have seen many talented children go through her school and whether or not in the end they choose to pursue a career in dance, they learn so much. They all come away with a love of dance, an appreciation of music, of creativity and more self confidence.

I know that my daughter has such fond memories of her time there.

We as a family will be forever grateful for all she has done for Hannah and cannot recommend the school highly enough."


Mum of ex student

"Fantastic school. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying under Miss Simpson, before embarking on my dance career overseas. The great range of teachers I was able to learn from really helped to develop my potential to its fullest. Would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking their dance further!"

Professional Dancer

"So happy we found Terry Simpson. The best technical training with care and concern for the holistic development of each student. Exceptional staff across ballet, Jazz, contemporary, tap and hip hop. There is scope for every child to find their dance joy! "

Mum of Student

“Terry Simpson changed my life and I definitely would not have made it as a professional dancer without her and her staff. She is so encouraging and creates a really positive environment for the students.

Her and her staff pushed me in the best way and prepared me to follow my dreams till the end”

Professional Dancer

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"Terry’s a fantastic teacher and incredible role model and mentor for all her students." 

Artistic Director/Choreographer

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