Enrolment Day for Term 1 2021 - Sat 30-January

Junior School 10am-12pm - Mitcham Village Institute

for Children from Age 3 upwards. Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance

Senior School 2:00pm - 5:00pm - City Studios 

2pm - 4pm: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz &, Tap. 4pm - 5pm: Full and Part Time Vocational Coaching, SACE Dance 

Download Enrolment Forms here 

 and Class Record Form here

Class Record Forms need to  be filled out by enrolled students prior to the beginning of each term 

Timetables can be found here

A Fee Schedule is available on request


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Hannah Goetze, current student and formerly of the Australian Ballet School  Photo: www.brenkiephotography.com

"What I have contributed to the lives of all the wonderful students that have come through my school is my proudest achievement as a teacher"      Terry Simpson, School Principal (ARAD, LRAD, RAD Mentor and Tutor)