The School prides itself in presenting entertaining and professional performances by students from both its Senior and Junior Schools,

which are choreographed by both students and staff 

2019 Performances

End of Year Performances at Scott Theatre, University of Adelaide

Junior School - Fri 13-Dec-19

Senior School -  Sat 14-Dec-19

SACE Performances were held at The Odeon, Norwood as follows: 

SACE Choreographic Workshop - Sat 22-Jun-19

 SACE Performance Examination - Sat 28-Sep-19

DVD's of the School’s recent & past performances may be ordered from SE Productions 

Still Photographs from the School’s recent & past performances may be ordered from Brenkie Photography

“I like my kids to have to earn where they get to. So if I have an incredibly talented child, in my school they still have to crawl up the ladder, even if everyone knows that that young student is the best. Everybody learns many of the parts, and then it is very clear how I chose the parts. TV shows like 'So You Think You Can Dance' are about overnight stars. Real enduring careers are not about that. They are up and down and hard work. Well, then the point is how are you going to manage that? Do you love dance enough to manage that? I am always teaching that.”

Terry Simpson, School Principal (ARAD, LRAD, RAD Tutor, Mentor and Examiner)

 Photo: Emma Fletcher

                                 "Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body" Martha Graham 1894-1991